Tổng đài IP ZYCOO Coovox-U80

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Tổng đài IP ZYCOO Coovox-U80

– Tổng đài IP Coovox-U80 hỗ trợ 200 máy nhánh và 60 cuộc gọi đồng thời.

– IVR đa cấp hỗ trợ Voicemail.

– IVR là viết tắt của chữ Interactive Voice Response có thể hiểu đơn giản là hệ thống tổng đài trả lời tự động. Đây là chức năng cơ bản trên tổng đài giúp cho việc hướng dẫn khách hàng gọi đến tự thao tác bấm phím để kết nối được với người hoặc bộ phận cần gặp.

– Kết nối Siptrunk, 1800xx, 1900xx không giới hạn.

– Tích hợp chức năng ghi âm cuộc gọi.

– Hỗ trợ 8 cổng FXO/FXS (tuỳ chọn mở rộng).

– Hỗ trợ kết nối 12 bộ mở rộng EX16S 16 máy nhánh analog.

– Hỗ trợ cổng E1/T1: 2 cổng (tuỳ chọn mở rộng).

– Hỗ trợ chức năng backup tự động giữa hai tổng đài.

– Hỗ trợ cổng LAN/WAN: 10/100/1000Mbps.

– Nguồn điện: 100-240VAC, 50/60HZ 0.6A max.

– Rack-mount.

– Tổng đài điện thoại IP ZYCOO Coovox-U80 phù hợp sử dụng cho các doanh nghiệp quy mô lớn.


– CooVox-U80 is a next-generation IPPBX system designed for medium to large enterprises. It is a truly powerful hardware platform and supports PSTN/GSM/WCDMA trunks, ISDN E1/T1 and BRI digital trunk lines. Through its innovative software features, CooVox-U80 allows for enterprise grade unified VoIP communications. CooVox-U80 is suitable for enterprises requiring 100 to 200 extensions and a maximum of 60 concurrent calls. It’s an affordable, scalable, interoperable, secure and reliable choice for you to build your own innovative VoIP solutions.

Quick Setup Wizard

– Quick Setup Wizard allows speedy initial configuration of the U80 system. The wizard includes all essential configuration steps in an easy to use and intuitive web based interface

Endpoints Provisioning

– Quick and simple deployment of endpoint devices using PNP and Quick Register Code. CooCall APP can be provisioned by scanning a QR code.

Hot Standby

– Two U80 servers run simultaneously, upon failure of one of the servers, the other server will take over all IP phone services. By using Hot Standby, it guarantees high availability of the enterprise phone services.

SIP Proxy Services

– No fixed public IP, third-party DDNS services and VPN router required. Remote extension and remote branch office phone system integration have never been easier!


– With built-in billing system, no third-party billing software required. Prepaid/postpaid billing, billing credit, flexible billing rates and billing statistics features are all supported.

Web Conference Manager

– By using web conference manager, it will be much easier for you to start and manage a conference from the Web interface. Invite participants, mute/unmute participants, kick out participants can be done by a few mouse clicks.

Đặc tính kỹ thuật

Model CooVox-U80
Telephony Interfaces 8xFXO/FXS/GSM/WCDMA, 2xE1/T1, 4xBRI Interfaces
CPU 2.41GHz Dual-core Intel Processor
Storage 16GB EMMC
USB (Extended Storage Supported) 2 (Supported File System: FAT16, FAT32, EXTFAT, NTFS, EXT3, EXT4)
Ethernet Interface WAN, LAN (10/100/1000Mbps)
Power 100-240VAC, Max. 1.5A
Dimension 440 x 222 x 44mm (19” 1U industry standard rack-mountable chassis)
System Capacity 200 Extensions
60 Simultaneous Calls
60 Conference Attendees
150hrs Recording/Voicemail (Internal Storage)
1 or 12 EX16S Deployment (Recommended)
Unlimited IVR Levels
100 SIP/IMS Trunks (Max)
500000 CDR History
10000 Phonebook Contacts
50 Paging Members
Protocols & Codecs SIP (RFC3261), IAX2
DTMF (RFC4733, SIPINFO, In-Band)
Transport Protocols: UDP, TCP, TLS, SRTP
Network Protocols: IPv4, IPv6, VLAN, DHCP, PPPoE, NTP, SNTP, TFTP, SSH, HTTPS, LDAP
Video Codecs: VP8, H.264, H.263+, H.263, H.261
Audio Codecs: Opus, G.722, G.711(a-law, u-law), G.729, G.726, GSM, SPEEX, AMR, AMR-WB
Telephony Features Call Queue, Ring Group, Call Forward, Call Transfer, Call Pickup, Call Parking, Call Waiting, Speed Dial, IVR (Multi-layer), Caller ID, Call Spy, Video Call, 3-way Calling, Conference Call, Follow Me, Call Back, DISA, Smart DID, Blacklist, Voicemail, Wakeup Call, PIN Code, Do Not Disturb, Switch Call, Time Conditions, Paging & Intercom, One Number Stations, Music On Ringback, Distinctive Ringtone, Auto Call Recording, One Touch Recording, Web Extension (WebRTC)
Feature Highlights Quick Installation Guide
Softphone APP Auto Provisioning (QR Code Scan)
IP Phone Auto Provisioning (PNP, Quick Register Code)
LDAP Phonebook Auto Configure (H81, H83)
EX16S Auto Provisioning
SIP Proxy (NAT Traversal)
Voicemail to Email
Fax to Email
Multilingual Web UI
Multilingual Voice Prompts
Multi-level User Administration Admin user: All Privileges.
Operator user: Extensions, faxes, CDR, recordings, etc.
Extension user: WebRTC, recordings, voicemails, call logs, etc.
Billing user
Conference manager
Security Firewall based on iptables
Intrusion auto detection and prevention
Geo-IP (Security policy based on IP address geographical location)
IP Black/White List
Extension Permit IP
Network Features Network (WAN): Static IP, DHCP, PPPoE
(Server and Client)
Static Routing
DHCP (Server and Client)
DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Server)
VLAN (WAN & LAN Interface)
Virtual IP
Local Domain Name Services
SIP Proxy (NAT Traversal)

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